The BMU Experience

Here at BMU we are excited to go on this journey of finding your unicorn with you. This dating site was started as a way to help others find love. BMU wants you to have a safe and enjoyable experience. So without further ado here are some unicorn rules to go through. 

Unicorn Rule #1 – Minors

You must be 18 years or older to use Be My Unicorn. If we find an underage account, it will immediately be banned and deleted. If you find someone who appears to be underage, we ask that you please report the account user. 

Unicorn Rule #2 – Reporting

If you come across any users that show bad behavior or break any of our rules or terms and conditions, please report them. We want this site to be safe for everyone.

Unicorn Rule #3 – Prostitution

Under NO circumstances will we tolerate prostitution escorting, or trafficking. If we find a user is engaging in any of these activities your account will be deleted and you will be banned.

Unicorn Rule #4 – Soliciting

You may not illegally use this platform (see our terms and conditions). This includes no soliciting to other users.

Unicorn Rule #5 – Nudity

There is absolutely no nudity allowed on BMU. Also, all images uploaded must be real (e.g. no cartoon images allowed).

Unicorn Rule #6 – Rights

We deserve the right to terminate accounts that violate our Unicorn Rules.

Unicorn Rule #7 – Have fun!

Finally, enjoy your search for your perfect unicorn!